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Important information regarding E.U. shipping

As of January 1st 2021 the U.K. has now left the European Union. Small business owners are currently attempting to work with the unseen extra charges being levied on packages shipped from the U.K. direct to European Union customers.

Due to the last-minute trade deal authorised by both parties, unseen charges are now being added to the cost of all packages arriving at their destinations.

These added charges mainly consist of two extra payments required upon any package arrival.

The first is VAT tax - usually 20% of the goods value listed on the customs label, although this can differ between countries.

The second charge is a 'handling charge' added by the courier to cover costs of customs paperwork - this can differ between postal services and other courier companies - unfortunately as this charge also differs between countries we can't offer any definite percentage of extra incurred costs.

We do hope this offers some insight to the extra charges our E.U. customers may incur when receiving their packages.

With our very best regards,

Ian & the D.B's team.

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