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We're proud and honored to constantly receive wonderful accolades from our delighted customers; here is just a small selection from May, 2003 through to the current day

Please allow me to say a big 'Thank You' here to all who have kindly given us permission to publish their words on this page....

Diamond Bottlenecks

Hi Ian,

Sorry, don't mean to keep boring you with emails.... But have you heard this slide?!? My goodness, the sound in my head is coming out of the guitar finally when I play slide!

My acoustic is louder, bolder, and yet more silky smooth. The electric is smooth as baby bottom, but still clear and dynamic. It ain't anywhere near being too heavy; perfect weight.

That lovely ceramic slide I just got sounds cheap in comparison. No offense meant, but yours is a different league!

No wonder so many people rave about your slides. I get it now. Next person I find looking for a glass slide, there is only one answer: Ian at Diamond Bottlenecks!

Thanks again for everything. Keep up the lovely work!


Bob Taylor
Portland OR.

Hello Ian,

our bottleneck made it safely to Texas on Thursday. It is truly a lovely piece of craftsmanship — kudos!

I played it for an hour every day since it arrived and it is already my favorite slide. The feel and tone of it is indeed reminiscent of what I am hearing in Mike Dowling's work … my skill with it is not though ;-)

I have a suspicion that I will be back for others from your broad offerings when I get a bit deeper into this.

In the meanwhile I wish you all the best and thank you for your incredible products and service.


Oliver Letz,
North Richmond Hills,

Hi Ian,

Received the slide today (Aug10) in excellent packaged condition.

Fits great - what a fine polish on it. First glass bottleneck I've had that I like the tone & fit of!

Thanks Again,

Darreld Shepel,
Ontario Canada.

Hi Ian,

I just want to thank you for my amazing new bottleneck!! It arrived today. It really is top class!

Really great service especially with all the trouble with shipping lately.

All the best,

Micheal Smith,

Hi Ian,

Received my slide yesterday and it fits perfectly, the extra thickness is no problem and it only took an hour or so to get used to using it on my pinky.

The difference in tone between the Ultimate and the cheap slide I originally bought from Amazon is almost laughable. Hopefully with practice that tone will improve.

I’II be in touch again next month to order another as a spare, probably exactly the same.

Thanks again for everything,

Mike Meal
Falmouth, Cornwall.

Hi Ian,

THE ULTIMATE SLIDE arrived today

Just had a session on my Fender Telecaster, the slide fits perfectly and the tone is superb, no harshness, honey dripping from the strings — warm and sweet.

Over the moon, thank you very much for a Wonderfully crafted slide.

Best Regards,

Ron Gulliver
County Durham,

Ian and staff,

A quick note to say thank you for the great slides I just received. I absolutely love them!! They are finely crafted works of art!!! I love how they make my National Reso-Phonic sound so articulate and gives it new life!! Or should I say “old life” as it has that vintage sound!

And thank for guiding me towards the Blue Diamond, I would have to say it is my favourite of the 3 slides, but the other 2 are certainly very high on my list.

Once again, thank you for making such a great product and for your great service!!!!

Carl Arseneault
Summerside, PE,

Hi Ian

Just letting you know that I received my two Diamond Bottleneck slides a couple of weeks ago . . . the Ruby Red Ultimate and the Blue Diamond.

I love them! They're well-crafted, look beautiful, and have a great weight to them. I like the Blue Diamond one a little better for the color and fit; but, they're both great glass slides.

I'm glad I found your company as a resource. It's really great to find such high quality glass slides.

Thank you and best to you.

Peter Norris

Hi Ian

I received the slide a few days ago. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Formalities aside, HOLT S**T this thing is incredible !! At first it seemed very heavy, but now I prefer it. It does fit better on my middle finger than my small finger but I have determined that is my PREFERRED dominant way I will play unless some song that requires my ring finger. Then I will switch it.

I did not realize that the cross-section makes a “D“ shape in addition to the taper. Excellent. Maybe I missed it, but I think you should consider emphasizing that more.

This is slide number seven that I have bought trying to get a good fit on my slender fingers. Three were so big I gave them to my big-handed son because I didn’t want to look at them anymore. Only two of the four that I kept reach across all six strings at the 12th fret and yours is of course one of them and the best by far.

It is beautifully made and thanks for putting the notch in by the way!

I searched the Internet like crazy looking for slide makers to find one that would fit me. Yours did not come up. If I had not come across on RJ Ronquillo YouTube video where he mentioned your company, I would not have found you.

So, I am finally finished looking for slides. If, God forbid, Something happens to this one, I will be back at you to get a replacement!

Thanks again

Andrew Beattie
Washington. USA

Hi Ian

The slides arrived today. They were both even better than I had hopped. Fit perfectly and the sound and feel is exceptional. Some glass slides seem too slick or something not sure how these are different but they are and in a good way. I’ll recommend them to all my friends. My son is a guitarist as well. I’ll have him over and treat him to his choice of a couple of them as well. Thanks for working with me on these. They really are beyond my expectations. They will be my go to slides.


Frank Sindler,

Hi Ian

I received the Bottleneck slide a few days ago. I'm sure you've heard this before, but I have quite a collection of slides that are either too big, too thin, etc..., etc... This one is perfect and is now the only one I'll use from now on. Thanks for following up with me, I really appreciate the extra effort, and many thanks for such a wonderful product!


Jim Roundtree,
Dallas Texas.

Hi Ian

First off, many thanks for an outstanding slide I'm delighted. After a hectic Friday I managed to grab some time last night to try the slides. Told my long suffering wife il be up soon love I'm knackered.

Two hours later I climbed the wooden stairs, that bloody amp was to loud, was all that greeted me. I saw it as a good thing as it was a reso unamplified. Thankfully l don't have neighbours.

Fits perfectly and sounds sweet as a nut, can't ask for more.

Again many thanks,

Paul Drew,

Hi Ian

I just got my slide. Oh my what a gorgeous piece of “GLASS”. Size is perfect and the weight seems CNN perfect. Can’t wait to try it out and see what is most important and that is the “TONE” of the slide.

I’m nervously excited about playing slide guitar with such a beautiful piece of art.


Jeff Englebert,

Hi Ian

I got the slide and I am so happy with it. It looks great and is so smooth and fits like a glove. I have always said to myself if I had a slide that was thicker and heavier (but not too much) I could eliminate all unwanted string noise and you have helped me achieve that!!

At some point I will make a Youtube video and I will tell you when I do just so you can see your work in action. If you have my measurements in your computer keep them as I may be getting another one.

Thanks and stay safe,

Brian Begley,
Los Altos,

Hi Ian,

Just thought I’d drop you a line to say many thanks for the beautiful slide.

The size and weight are just perfect and I can’t believe the difference in tone, sustain and projection from this one.

The funny thing is that I have been practicing on my acoustic guitar whilst I wait to pay off the second hand resonator. The guitar is not set up for slide and it was hard to play light enough to not clank on the frets. Your slide is heavier but I can achieve a much better control of the sound already.

I’m getting an old Busker soon and can’t wait to try playing with a 15 on the top.

Thanks again for your excellent work and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others who want to get into slide guitar.

Very best wishes,

Alfie Carroll,
Manchester, U.K.

Hi Ian,

I am just taking my time today to compose a quick email to you with an update on my slides!

They are all meeting, if not surpassing my expectations, and I am very much pleased with both the products and the service involved in your way of conducting your business.

On that note, I wanted to express my appreciation for these wonderful devices, just by posting on social media my thoughts and experience with you, and I would just like to double check with you first if that’s ok.

Thank you again for the slides, I’ll be using them for a long time I’m sure!

Fred Wolter,
Brighton, U.K.

Hi Ian,

The Blue Diamond arrived yesterday!!

It is wonderful. Fits great, sounds clear as a bell and looks wonderful! Pretty sure this is going to get A LOT of use and that I will be coming back to check out some of your other products in the future!

Thanks Again,

Joe Gorfinkle,
West Hollywood U.S.A

Greetings Ian!

I have received my new turquoise Ultimate and true to the name it is Awesome! Clean, smooth and it glides like my 718 Porsche Boxster on a sunny day as if it was about to ascend yet in complete control. And the sound is like Dolores O’Riordan’s voice when she sang with Pavarotti.

Thank you!

Phil Stearns,
Santa Barbara CA

*We were delighted to then receive an update from Phil a few days later....*

I don’t mean to be too patronizing, but this piece of glass you sent me is a work of art! I could say it should be in an art museum, but that would be an injustice. It sings like no other slide I’ve tried and I have a bagful.

Now, I have one. I’m a novice. This slide makes sound more than that.

I’m going to need another one in case of loss or theft. Theft is what I worry about most. It’s good I don’t play much in public. Somebody would be sure to follow me home and rob my Ultimate! I have it in it’s red bag secured inside a pocket of my accessories bag.

Thank you!

Phil Stearns,
Santa Barbara CA

Hi Ian,

The slide came in today, and it's amazing!

I've never had a slide fit this perfectly or sound this good. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future.

Thanks again!

Dylan Adams,
Jacksonville Beach,


The slide arrived today and its been 5 minutes and I am BLOWN AWAY.

Words cannot express the sheer beauty of this piece of work and it fits like nothing I've ever seen! Even unplugged on my electric guitars I can hear how much the crystal glass beats the hell out of weak pyrex for sustain!

I have several tears in my eyes honestly you and your entire team have solved my years long battle between the weakness of my hands from disability and the perfect slide in both ergonomics and tone.

You have a return customer for life! The one thing I ask is that you all get a shop here in the states lol.

Matt Manley,
Unionville CT


Thank you so much for the slides. they're absolutely great. among the best slides i've ever, ever played, truly.

The control/size is perfect for the 4th finger usage which i prefer, the length really works as you can easily play as few or many strings as desired....the sound is where it shines brightest

There's a ghostly beauty in the way this particular glass slide draws out the sound...i know, cause i compared it to others i usually use..:)

Great work, and i'm looking forward to trying out others of yours in time ahead...i'll spread the word...cheers to you meanwhile...!

Bill MacKay,
Chicago. IL

Hi Ian/ Diamond Bottlenecks,

I received my bottleneck yesterday morning and I must let you all know how pleased I am with the product, and how much it has changed the tone of a cheap flea market guitar(with quality strings & an ebony bridge and top nut of course) into something more like my pals Gibson. so thank you very much, I will be recommending you to friends and such like and will be looking forward to buying more products for myself.

Very Kind Regards,

Mark Desborough,

Hi Ian,

My bottleneck was delivered safely over the weekend, and I am absolutely delighted with it! My sincere thanks to you and your colleagues.

It looks fabulous, it fits perfectly (not something I’ve ever found elsewhere!), and above all, it sounds just amazing to play! You couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you all so very much for the amazing things you do. You can bet I will be showing it off to all my other guitar-buddies, so don’t be surprised if you get more orders!

Colin Strain,

Hi Ian,

Just a wee thank you, I got my slide Saturday and have hardly put it down, it surpasses my expectations by some way, spot on for size and weight and is without a doubt the best i have ever played with, top notch on all counts... quality product... worth every penny.

I could go on, Well chuffed, Thanks again.

George Christie,

Hi Ian,

I received my lovely new slide today and I had to tell you it is brilliant. I have played slide for many years using brass, and this glass one from you is a revelation. Beautifully finished and fits like a glove, and the sound is a million times better than the brass ones I have used for twenty years.The only glass slides I have tried in the past were really thin walled cheap nasty things mass produced and bought from a big music shop. They were horrible with no weight and tone and useless for my acoustic guitar with heavy strings.. Your slides are absolutely divine in both fit, weight and tone. I will definitely be buying from you again and recommend to all my guitarist friends! I now have the best slide tone I've ever had.

Best wishes,

Dean Allison,

Hello Ian,

Just want to thank you for the slide you sent me recently. It's perfect for me, just like the one it replaced! Having tried other slides (e.g. Ceramic, aluminium, brass, another make of glass) this one stands head & shoulders above the rest! The tone is beautiful and the shape allows great flexibility of playing style.

Thank you for your help

Richard Trevis,

Hello Ian,

Well, the Cobalt Ultimate slide arrived on Monday afternoon. What can I say, it's just great.

The internal diameter is spot on, as is the length. I must admit, when I first pulled it out of its protective pouch, I thought it looked a little on the heavy side, but appearances definitely are deceptive in this case. It's light, but not to light, if that makes sense.

Best of all though, it plays like dream. I like to play in open D & I just play for enjoyment so I'm no expert, but I am one very happy customer. With that slide on my little finger, my guitar rings like a bell. I just know it will give me years of playing pleasure.

Many thanks for all of your expert knowledge & help in recommending this slide to me.

All the best,


David Simmons,
East Sussex U.K

Ian, I've been meaning to let you know that the bottleneck arrived right in the time frame you said it would. I've been using it daily since.

Over the course of 25 years I've had a few slides pass through my hands, and this custom Redhouse is by far the most pleasing to use ever. For fit, finish, feel, and tone, its a true instrument in its own right. Sings the blues sweetly over nickle wounds stretched across 80 year old spruce and birch. And the drawstring bag is a fine touch. I hope to never lose it, but if I do, I can promise you that I will purchase another right away.

So let me offer my sincerest gratitude to you, and to whoever all else may be involved with the creation of this wonderful bottleneck. It's a piece of true inspiration!

Many thanks,
Matt Sonnenfelt

Hey Ian,

I've been meaning to write all week to let you know that after a brief delay in US customs I got the slide this week. This thing is absolutely perfect! The fit is spot on, I don't have anything else that comes close. And the tone is so pure and so lyrical...I'm completely blown away. And the emerald prism is gorgeous, manages to look badass traditional and otherworldly at the same time, truly a piece of artistry. I couldn't be happier. I could order another though, maybe slightly shorter and in another color when taxes come around. This could become a habit.

Anyway thanks again, fantastic service and product - thank you!

Eric Dyer,
Salt Lake City,

Hi Ian,

The slide came yesterday. It is awesome - really love it. I really liked my original Diamond bottleneck I bought a few years ago, but wanted another just in case of an accident (it is glass :-). Absolutely love the weight, shape, and feel of this slide - definitely will be my primary slide. I play on Old Oscar Schmidt made Stellas, and I think the weight of the slide really helps with the tone.

Thank again!

Glenn LaSalle,

Hi Ian,

My holydays are over, but the good news is I received the slides :) Thanks for the nice contact, the fast shipping and the good packaging.

I came home today so I only had the time to try them out for a few minutes. They feel great so far. I also really like the small hole in the pill bottle slide.

So thanks and best regards,
Stefan Lichtenstein, Köln, Germany

Greetings earthling.

That slide is perfect! Thanks for the attention to detail and care you put into your product.

The smoothest and heaviest glass slide I've ever used..truly a beauty.

Best regards,
Jamie near Detroit.

Hi Ian

I opened up the package and was truly delighted. The slide is great, feels good sounds good and of course looks fantastic.

Please forward my thanks and appreciation to Stevie in creating such a wonderful piece. I wish to thank you and your people for your efforts in making this a very happy and rewarding experience. Thank you very much.

I hope to come to visit your shop if I get back to the UK next summer. I had planned to this year but ran out of time with so much to see. Thank you again and take care my friend.

John Fostey
Ontario, Canada

Hi Ian

I received the slide today and wanted you to know how very happy I am with it. The weight is perfect, the sounds I'm getting from it when I play my resonator are like I've never had before, and it is beautiful in itself. Thank you very much!

John Ross,
San Diego, CA.

Hi again!

I received the slide some weeks ago, and I have tried it out. The slide is amazing! Just what I was looking for. The ring size and notch-cut fits my finger perfect, and I get great control whit it playing. Best of all - the sound really stands out compared to other "standard" slides I have. And thanks for really great service and help with ordering!

PS-You should advertise and sell this type/model as Mark Knopfler signature slide. He`s got many fans out there!

This slide will find its way, and be heard on stages in Norway!

Again - Thanks!
Nils Harald Anstad

The slide arrived today. Looks marvelous and fits beautifully. At 92 grams it is exactly double the mass of the pyrex dunlop I've been using. No turning back now!

For what it's worth, I have been telling all my axe wielding friends about your custom slides. Now I can show them the finished product.

I looked at a lot of "custom" slides & bottlenecks online and without a doubt you have the best quality at the best price. And, of course, anyone that has dealt with you in the ordering process knows you have the best customer service as well.

Tony Barber
Portland, Oregan.


I have received my slide. It arrived in perfect condition which is no surprise considering it was packaged with such care as to make one think he was acquiring the Majesties' Crown Jewels.

After taking it on a preliminary voyage with a Yamaha A3R, I can only say, "exquisite".

While I was initially reluctant to purchase a slide at such a price, I do believe it was worth every farthing, and considering we do not even have farthings this is quite an accomplishment. I guess what is most apparent about this piece of artistry is how quiet it is against steel strings; much quieter than the Dunlop 213 I have used for years and had accepted as the standard of excellence. In addition, the "fit and finish" is superb. To say it fits like a glove would be appropriate. The mesmerizing glow of emerald was the perfect choice.

I look forward to many years of expression with this gift and will laud your praises as I do so.

Many Blessings!

Edward S. Baker
The Concept of Zero, USA

Hi Ian,

I am having a ball with this crystal glass bar. I got it this arv and have been busting to use it, now it's mega late and I can't put it down.

Thanks so much for making these available.

It's great on the chaturangui that I got in Kolkata from guruji, and it's great on the one I got made here that I play music other than raga on. It seemed so huge at first but now it is ridiculously comfortable and easy.

I can bar the whole 8 strings and pick it up again easily on my Tim Kill chat, which is a slightly different beast to the Kolkata one. It's a much tighter guitar.

I just wanted to show my appreciation!Thanks again,

Yogamanas Blackman,Rivett,Australian Territories,Australia.

Hi Ian,

I received the slide last Friday and have had a chance to play with it. Just wanted to let you know that it is a perfect fit, feels great, and sounds wonderful. So much fuller tone-wise than a metal slide and livelier than glazed ceramic.

Thanks so much! And best wishes.

Bruce Tuszynski, Chicago IL

Hi Ian,

Slide arrived today.....it's beautiful! I'm too excited to wait for his birthday :) we're off out to dinner tonight so I'm going to give it to him then.....I'll let you know what he thinks!

Thank you so much for all your help regarding this.....your customer service is second to none, and it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Jacqueline Renwick, Abergele, Wales U.K.

Hi Ian,

Got my slide! It is absolute perfect!

How are you. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I received the slides. All I can say is WOw! The slides feel and sound wonderful, and are a work of art. They are perfect weight as well. It will likely take some time to get used to the tone bar on my Weissenborn, as it is quite a bit lighter than what I am used to, but I can definitely see the potential.

Thanks again, and will definitely reach out to you for more in the near future.

Jason Schock, Ontario, Canada

Aloha Ian!

Got my slide! It is absolute perfect!

Thank you guys so much for the awesome service and amazing craftsmanship of this slide. Totally unreal. I will be recommending you guys to my friends for sure.

Now all I got to do is figure out which slide I want next!

Thanks again, and I hope you guys have a great day!


Jordan Cripps, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Just received the bottleneck. And I mean THE bottleneck. I've been playing slide guitar for almost a decade now, and tried a whole bunch of bottlenecks. Well, after a few minutes of playing yours, I promised myself I'll never play anything else. Thank you so much for this, and not only for the product, but for the way you were there to answer my questions and everything.

Keep on sliding'!

Thanks again

Clément Roux (Toulouse, France)


Hey my friend, I'm actually on break from a gig & had to take the time to tell you that the orange closed in one is the best thing ever. I'm runnin a. '64 Super reverb all the up & the the slide sings like nothing I've ever heard! The notes just bloom & actually get bigger sounding! I'm cutting slide parts tomorow for our new record & I can't wait!

Thanks again

Brad Absher (Jimmy Vaughn ~ New Orleans LA)


I received my 'Ultimate' today - very well packed & arrived in tip-top shape. I put it on & played some resonator...my oh my, what an amazingly sweet, smooth tone!

I'm more used to playing with a brass slide & it sounds absolutely terrible compared to my 'Ultimate'. It is a beautiful piece of work and the tone is just amazing - i can't believe a piece of glass can sound so good, so thanks for your workmanship & speedy shipping.

Blakelin La Rue (Nashville, TN.).

Hi Ian,

Just to let you know the slide arrived yesterday safe & sound - it fits great, looks great & more importantly sounds simply wonderful! It's much, much easier to use than the other slides i have & the sustain & volume were everything you said they would be....it sounds SO MUCH BETTER than anything i have tried or heard live - and i don't have to wrap my finger anymore either, yay :o)

Alma C. Ware (Dallas TX.).

If you haven't contacted Ian McWee and arranged to have an Ultimate slide built to your specs, you do not know what you are missing. I have several, with my favorites being two heavy closed-end beauties, about 70 mm long with 10 mm of solid glass at the playing end. These are deifinitely the right tools for the task: The tone, sustain, and vibrato I can get on my tricone (16-18-27-39-49-59) with these slides are almost mystical. And Ian has a style and sincerity on the business end that you just don't see too much these days.

Dave Steenken, (Osaka, Japan)

Hello Ian,

I received the slides today. The first one I tried was the blue bottleneck. Man, talk about perfection. It fits me perfectly, the weight reminds me of those old bottlenecks that I used to make myself. There is one huge difference in the ones I made myself. The way you 'rolled' the tip. The bottom is as smooth as the top. The bottlenecks I used to make myself were never this good. I would spend hours with various grades of wet emery paper trying to smooth out and roll the tops. I never could get it right. It was always at best just good enough. Every other commercial bottleneck that I have seen has virtually ignored this subtly huge issue. You seem to have perfected it.

Your latest 'endorsee',

Rollie Tussing, (Portland, OR.).


The sonic qualities of a Diamond Bottlenecks's Ultimate Slide will make the player pay immediate attention to what this artpiece has to sonically offer. I realized in short order after using D.B's glass slide that a mass produced, heavy walled glass slide suffers trajectly from tonal anemia by pale comparison.

The difference in tone, sustain & sonic richness is the hallmark of a Diamond bottleneck slide! My new motto: Life is to short to use a crappy bottleneck slide! Thanks guys... Consider me your newest addition to Team Diamond Bottlenecks!

Cole Stevens, (Louisville, KY.).

Ian ,

Thank you for the bars,they are good for silence and smooth for my meditative aalap.

Love and Peace

Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya, (Kolkatta, India).

Hi Ian,

I came home to find the box I had been waiting for -- the latest package from you.

I got out that hefty sapphire bullet-tip slide, sat down with my tricone in my lap, and VOILA! This is the "steel" I've been looking for. What a difference the extra weight makes -- well done! (It even works pretty on my pinky with my roundneck single-cone, although I still have the green "Ultimate" that makes that guitar come alive.

It's a pleasure doing business with you (again).

All the best,

Russ Young, (Seattle, WA.).

Hello, Ian,

Yesterday I received one of your single cuts through Tone Toys and I loved it from the first note.. I am a self employed professional player (guitar-vocal) , blues , (gypsy-)swing, all thirties stuff, and been buying "commerially" made slides for years now. But this one was like an old friend. My #1 from now on. Glad you make these guys.

Just had to let you know.

Best regards,

Kees Kingsize, (The Hague, Netherlands.).

Hello, Ian!

A couple of weeks ago, I received a mail from Brian Kramer, an American musician living in Stockholm. He tipped me off about your hand-blown slides.

I promptly ordered one from Mr. Blueson, and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with its performance. I do not know how you do it, but your slide seems to function as a musical instrument in its own right. It creates a brilliant, sustaining tone that is far better than anything else I've tried during the years. Thanks for your know-how! Wonder what MrJohnson would have sounded like with an Ultimate...

With best regards,

Tomas Blom, (Stockholm, Sweden.).

Dear Ian

I received the slides on Saturday and I was just leaving town, so on my return on Sunday I took the slides out of the box and gave them a go. I am telling you with all honesty that they are the best slides I have ever played. I have at least 15 slides I have collected in my search for the right one. My style O National is very picky about slides and I have only found a couple that I could get by with.

The guitar fell in love with the cobalt blue slide as it brought out the nature of the guitar. The green slide is also awesome and suprisingly it brings out a slightly different tone that is wonderful. I would not have thought that there could be such a difference. You really produce an exceptional product and it says something about the person you are. I am going to give your card out to different players so that they can also purchase the finest slides out there. Take care my friend and thank the other folks that were involved in making these wonderful slides!

Fred J. Anderson (Scottsdale, AZ.).


Just received my new 'D.B's Glass Slide...I'm speechless (but i'll keep typing just the same...)!

What a beautifully crafted piece - i absolutely love the variegated color...my wife thought it was Venetian Glass!!! The fit is superb and as always the weight & outside seamless buff finish renders this baby simply magic for slide play.

And thanks to all those involved in your Glass Works Biz - hope you keep Diamond Bottlenecks going for centuries! (Have you given any thought to applying for a; "By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen" stamp designation")

'Til my next PO
yours blues'ly,

Barry 'Big B' Brenner, (California, U.S.A.).


The 'Purple Bullet' arrived today safe & sound....WOW - what a beautiful piece! You guys totally out-did yourselves this time, it's perfect, a 1/4 pound of pure lead crystal tone! The Estralita is cryin' with joy. Thanks for getting this one done for me at such a great price, very well worth the wait...and thanks for making these superior slides available to all of us sliders!

Danny Clayburn, (Albuquerque, New Mexico.).

Hi All,

Just a note to let you know that i received the blue swirl Brozman tone-bar. Being a new player of lap-steel guitars i can only say that this slide is already making a huge difference in my playing. Thanks much for the quick service and the outstanding slide, i'm enjoying it tremendously.

David Dawson, (Memphis, TN.).

Dear Ian,

Giovanni here from Italy,

Your glass tone-bars are really wonderful!

I use them on my weissenborn-style guitars and the sound is amazing.

I have many steel & brass tone-bars, but now i am absolutely 'glass-addicted', i can never go back to steel...Magnifico!

Giovanni Bailo, (Modena, Italy.).

Yo Ian ~

That Dowling slide you cranked out for me arrived in the mail day 'fore yesterday...FAST, i'd say. It's great, and i'm lovin' it...the fit is good, the heft & sway is spank right on, and the slip, slide, 'n glide is just flat out sweeeeeet!!!

It's a nice - real nice - addition to my acoustic arsenal. Thanks to ye and y'all...

Yours in flat five harmonies,

Glen Bessonette (...down Utah way in the U.S of A...).

G'day Ian,

I am sitting here now listening to my husband play his resonator with his new glass slide. Tis a beautiful thing - thanks so much for your service & product, you've been really helpful & kind.


Susie Pritchard, (Brisbane, Australia.).

Hi Ian,

Got the slide today. Beautiful - it's absolutely perfect. You guys have developed this into an art, i'll be in touch again soon - and this works just perfectly with electric & acoustic....

Steve McCarthy (Alaska, U.S.A.).

Hey Ian, i got your slides a few weeks back & man they are great! After searching forever for a great sounding high quality glass slide my quest ended when i tried your bottlenecks. Put me down as a lifetime 'Ultimate' user! I urge every slide player not to waste their time with other brands & just go for the best...Diamond Bottlenecks.

James Clem, (Portland, OR.).

Dear Ian,

I play resonator guitars and so i'm always in search of the 'perfect' slide. I've long favoured ceramic slides for their smooth sustain & sheer heft. My Ruby 'Ultimate' is big - 7mm wall - with a loose tapering fit and, being lead crystal, so hefty that, at first it felt bulky & unfamiliar. But i like some weight for that "gots to be jelly" feel and it was clear straight away that a slide that sounded this good was worth getting used to. This i did very quickly & it's the best i've ever used. It look gorgeous & sits beautifully on the hand - i use my little finger - with a relaxed yet precise feel. Owing to the weight, density & seamless design it's virtually noiseless, the sustain is extraordinary and the tonal range is next-level, and it's equally at home on a National or a battered SG. For the dedicated slide player the 'Ultimate' is way out in front - and, for my money...the chunkier the better!

Lou Glandfield, (Sussex, U.K.).

Hi Ian,

Just thought i'd drop you a note to say how delighted i am with the slide my partner bought me for my birthday - it fits perfectly & was used to play Skynyrd's 'Freebird' during a gig on Saturday night.

You do realise i then HAD to go out the next day & purchase a new electro-acoustic, and subjected everyone in the music shop to a 10-minute delta blues slide solo! Brilliant - totally delighted with it and i'm glad you managed to deliver it at such short notice for my birthday...

'Slidin' Colin Baxter, (Arbroath, Scotland.).

Hi Ian,

Today the bottleneck arrived - let me tell you, this is the most beautiful piece if glass i ever wrapped around my finger! Visually it is truly a masterpiece, a real work of art. It feels absolutely great on my pinky and fits perfectly I love the massive glass with the great engraving, and when it comes to playing i hear a fat, soft but loud, clear and forever sustaining sound. Congratulations - this babe is a real winner in every way; look, feel and TONE!!

Ralph Skuban (Bliss 'n Blue), Germany.


You guys make the best slides on the planet. The cool thing about your company is that normal guys like me can have their own custom slide made. I admit i was hesitant at first to drop $50.00 on a slide, and i really didn't understand until i ordered one. You aren't just paying for a slide - you're paying for an extension of yourself. Finding the perfect slide is half the process of beginning bottleneck playing and i always thought i would have to accomodate for an awkward/uncomfortable slide.

The slide should be accomodating to the player, and you guys make that possible...i'm just happy that i discovered them at 25-years old!!

Nick Viau, (Grand Rapids, MI.).

Fellow sliders,

The measure of any firm is not when things go to plan, but what happens when things go wrong. I recently ordered two slides from Diamond Bottlenecks, but unfortunately i made a mistake when ordering. I contacted Ian McWee at Diamond Bottlenecks to discuss my problem and was told that if i returned the slides i'd ordered, his firm would supply me with two replacement slides at no extra cost. I did as was suggested and two new slides turned up three days later - you simply cannot ask for better treatment than this, and my Diamond Bottleneck slides continue to be the best i've ever used.

Stuart Clyens, (Hvalsoe, Denmark.).

Hi Ian,

I received both slides on Friday & i just wanted to let you know how very happy i am with them. The Mike Dowling Signature is as good (or better) than my favourite glass slide and i used the Ultimate in a recording this weekend and it sounded fantastic live & recorded brilliantly. Thanks for your expert advice & excellent communication - i'll be in contact again next time i need a slide.

Phil Higgins (Victoria, N.S.W. Australia)


My new Cranberry Red 'Ultimate' arrived this week safe & sound. The fit & tonal quality are perfect......so of course i'll be showing this beauty off to all of my guitar-playing friends. Thanks again Ian for fantastic quality and craftsmanship.

Terry Langnickel (Raleigh, N.C.)

Hello Ian,

The bottlenecks arrived and i love 'em! The Ultimate is really "The Ultimate" glass bottleneck - it is the best sounding glass bottleneck i've played in my 30 + years of guitar playin'.....i think i will leave my old brass slide in the drawer; please give my best regards to Brett for his workmanship!

Georg Birkmaier (Ebersberg, Germany)


I received the glass slide in perfect condition - you folks really know how to pack a slide for shipping! Thank you for a first-class service & i'll be forwarding this slide onto my son in Alaska ...so he can make some first-class music.

Jack Ryland III (Danville, VA)

Hello Ian,

I play your bottleneck for three days now and every time i play, i can't stop sliding. It's beautiful and warm sound with a strong tone, and that was exactly what i was looking for - unbelievable!

Many thanks, Jan Simon (Heidelsberg, Germany)

Hi Ian,

Got my second 'Ultimate' slide yesterday & love it, it's very different from the first one and has the great warm tone you promised. Your slides really are works of art! It's amazing how different the glass is between the two and i'm so pleased - it sounds great on both the single cone AND the tricone....makes me want to collect your slides just because they're so pretty!

Alma C. Ware (Dallas, TX.)


Just wanted to thank you for this order. The quality of your products is absolutely amazing - no comparison anywhere in the marketplace. I think the notched cobalt 'Redhouse' is going to be my 'go-to' slide ~ amazingly comfortable, great sound & it really...slides!

I'll definitely order again in the near future ~ probably want to get at least one back-up for that and something else. Again, it's good to deal with a company offering professional advice & great customer service.

Vince Trankina (Tehepachi, CA.)

Hey Ian,

Andre here ~ just wanted to tell you how perfect my two new custom 'Ultimate's are - perfect fit, weight, color....everything. I now have five, and five more on order with you ~ no matter how many other companies claim to be 'the best' in your field, i've tried them all and nothing matches the quality and consistency of your glass slides.......anywhere!

Andre Nizzari (Andre & the Nighthounds / Rosie Ledet Band) The Bronx, N.Y.C.

Hi Ian,

My slide arrived yesterday ~ fit & form are my idea of perfect and the tone is something special. I can feel it vibrating with the note - if i touch it with my right hand while holding it on a ringing note, i can feel it resonating like crazy - it's the only slide i've ever used that does this to that degree, and i've owned a lot of slides.

Thanks for keeping my specs on file to find that correct piece of glass - very thoughtful & professional.

I was a sceptic ~ now i'm a Diamond believer too!

Steve Reichling (Memphis, TN.)

Hi Ian,

I was very curious about Diamond Bottleneck slides - i have always avoided glass slides because they were too light & wouldn't give me the tone i wanted, so i always used heavy brass.

Your 'Ultimate' slide has changed all that - very satisfied indeed.

Tore 'Rooster' Roos (Bodo, Norway)

When my Cobalt 'Ultimate' slide arrived i was in for the shock of my life!

Over the weeks my anticipation had built up to the point where no piece of glass could meet such expectations. Wisely, i had convinced myself to lower my expectations to a somewhat more reasonable level - it would be made of glass, be 'tube-shaped' and with lots of hard work i could eventually figure out how to get the warm tone out of it i was hoping for.

When i unwrapped my new slide & rolled it around in my hands i began to let my expectations grow again.

After what seemed to be five minutes, but turned out to be an hour and a half, i was a changed guitar player. I was not really better, but my sound was....in fact, the music in my head, the music i try to bring into being with my fingers sounded better ~ more range, depth, emotion & possibility than ever experienced with any guitar slide i've owned before.

Then i chuckled, thinking to myself that Robert Johnson must be sitting outside St. Peters Gate saying "If i only had one of them Diamond Bottleneck slides i'd have never had to go down to them Crossroads!"

Many thanks to Ian & the 'D.B's team.

William Bellamy (www.williambellamy.com)

Hi Ian,

Just a short note of thanks - I've been playing my 'Ultimate' slide for three weeks now and superlatives fail me. It produces such a clear resonant tone, the weight is perfect and the feel i can generate is unbelieveable.

I've been playing slide professionally for over twenty years & this is without any doubt the best slide i've ever owned.

Many thanks to your team for making my purchase a real joy.

Paul McClusker (Melbourne, Australia.)

Hi Ian,

I just wanted to say thanks...

The tone of my new slide is FANTASTIC and fits my finger like it was made for it......because it was :)

Exceptional product & service from you & the team.

My best regards,

Rick Brown (Mechanicsville, VA.)

Hi, Ian & the Diamond team.

Today i got the most beautiful and best sounding tone-bar ever!

I think it wont be the last ordering ;)

Thank you,

Michael Kistner (Wetter, Germany.)

Hello again Ian,

I just wanted to write & say thank you! I received my 'Redhouse' bottlenecks yesterday and am totally thrilled with them. They are the perfect weight, length and diameter and i have never in my life used anything so incredibly playable. The walls are so smooth i hear more music & less string noise....i just cant say enough about them!

I also want to congratulate you on your fantastic customer service - to sort out my order personally is unheard of these days.


Laurie Self (Edmonton, Canada.)


Got my bottleneck today & it is a thing of true beauty - a beautiful colour, and apart from the wall thickness (which i expected) is exactly the same dimensions as my Big Heart 'R.J. Signature' brass slide, which was the plan, and you have executed it perfectly.

Fantastic - have test-driven this for a couple of hours now and it is just so sweet, the Republic tri is loving it.

Thanks so much, what a great product you make ~ i'll be retiring all the other i've tried over the years because this is 'the one'.


Laurie Franks (Rotorua, New Zealand.)

Hi Ian,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that i received the slides. Been putting them through their paces & i've got to say they're truly fantastic! Definitely worth the wait and they've lived up to expectations (and then some!) Great tone, feel & balance ~ they've replaced all my previous faves!

Thanks again for all of your personal attention to my order - very much appreciated.

Andre Moran (Austin, TX.)

Hi Ian,

I received my 'Redhouse' bottleneck & it's a thing of beauty ~ fits perfectly, slides like a dream & the engraving is stunning - i'm not sure how you could improve on it!

Wonderful job ~ very well done indeed.

David Matley (Quebec, Canada.)


Got the 'Ultimate' today....played a line with my 'Redhouse' then again with my 'Ultimate'....jaw hit the floor....still can't speak....

Gary Trucks (Guilford, CT.)

Hi Ian,

I got my Ruby Red 'Ultimate' yesterday & tried it out at band rehearsal earlier this evening ~ i'm overjoyed, it's the best glass slide i've ever used, hands down.

Weighty but beautifully balanced, endless sustain from my acoustic with volume of epic proportions and a sweet, warm tone. Love it ~ it's a work of art & thenew patterned glass is stunning to look at.....i'll be back soon for an electric version!!!

Scott Kaufman (Camillus, NY)


I received my Java Lava 'Ultimate' yesterday & it's absolutely fantastic. Thanks for making such wonderful products for guitarists and your expertise is very much appreciated ~ you recommended what i needed, and i got exactly what i wanted.

I will definitely be ordering more in the future ~ thanks again.

Darryn Franklin (Fort Collins, CO.)

Dear Ian,

The bars arrived and they are absolutely fantastic!! I can't tell you in words how happy i am ~ you and your company are awesome. My music wouldn't be the 'ultimate' without your slides - sorry for the pun....

Thanks for everything you've done for me - you really are the best at what you do ;)

Your 'Casey Jones' friend, David.

David Hundrieser (Duluth, MN.)

Hi Ian,

Ah - the sight of the now familiar box. The unwrapping. The heft. The inner swirl. A custom-made double rounded monster bar....what a piece of workmanship!!!

I am a happy bunny & my guitars are singing ~ i really can't thank you enough.....

Spreading the gospel of Diamond Bottlenecks...

Adam Friedman (Asheville, NC)

Hi Ian,

A huge thank you for my new slide ~ the custom-colour Sunset Orange 'Ultimate' with the 2.5mm wall thickness.

It's fantastic on my Stratocaster (which it was originally ordered for), but what i found amazing was the difference in tone on my modern metal-bodied resonator ~ it's suddenly a lot sweeter and more 'playable' - a real revelation!!

And the added bonus is - the bright colour means it doesn't get lost!!!

Thanks again for a great product and truly excellent service.

Brian House (Colchester, U.K.)

Hi Ian,

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my Black Pearl 'Ultimate'.

It is absolutely brilliant ~ the weight & fit are perfect! I've never owned a slide (and i've tried everything!) that sounds as clear as this, normally my glass slides sound thin & weak, and my bronze slides sound loud & scratchy. Your 'Ultimate' has excellent volume & rings as clear as a bell ~ i use a Paul Beard resonator and it has truly NEVER sounded as good as this!!

Once again, thanks a lot

Ken Roper (Huyton, Merseyside, U.K.)

Hi Ian,

Thanks so much for my new Ruby 'prism' Ultimate slide ~ it's superb and has the weight & density i've been looking for for years in a glass slide....and having it custom-fitted makes it even better!

Many thanks indeed & i'll be back for another very soon....

Nick Cousins (Cardiff, U.K.)


My order arrived today, carefully packaged & safe. The 'Ultimate' is a perfect fit & the notch cut is a great addition - very comfortable indeed.

The matching red 'swirl' crystal tone bar is as tone-worthy as it is beautiful, and the drawstring pouches are a nice touch, well done!!

Pedro Riera (Oakland Park, FL.)

....we've never kept a count of how many slides & bars shipped out from our workshop ~ it's easily more than 30,000 ~ but our customers love our products so much that we regularly receive testimonials matching the above......we'll update this page frequently.

Ian & the 'D.B's team.